Modern home with an indoor skate park by LEVEL Architects

Most often, those that are in a couple have different passions and interests. It’s what defines each person and what makes it interesting for the others. When they’re living together, the members of such a couple usually try to reach an agreement, to make compromises and to opt for a neutral design. But in rare cases, they customize the design according to both their interests and passions. This is one of those cases and it’s a very interesting one too.

The owners of this house are a young married couple. When they went to an architect for help with their new home, they had a few unusual requests. They wanted the house to have both a skateboard park and a piano rehearsal room. This way it would reflect their individual interests and they would both get what they want without making compromises. The house has an area of 149.16 square meters and it was built in 2011. It’s located in Tokyo-to, and was a project by LEVEL Architects.

On the first floor, the house has sliding glass panels that open onto an enclosed area that could potentially be used to expand the workshop and studio. The studio has a skateboard bowl embedded into the floor. It doesn’t occupy the entire space. At the back of the studio there’s a piano room, raised about 2 feet from the ground for better acoustics. It’s also an element that allows it to become a sort of stage. The studio can be easily turned into a concert hall.

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