Modern Home in Brazil Respects the Land and Blends Indoors and Out

Built with respect for the land, this stunning modern home in Brazil integrates the interior spaces with the outdoors in a harmony of construction and landscaping. The natural materials, low profile and expanses of glass highlight these goals and come together in a comfortable and stylish family residence.

Designed by Stemmer Rodrigues Arquitetura, the 625-square-meter home located in Novo Hamburgo is arranged with the garage and entry on the ground level and the main living spaces on the upper floor facing the south. This ensures that the main areas have the best views. The modern look was constructed mainly with concrete, wood and steel, inside and out. Called the Frame House, it was inspired by older homes that have balconies facing the street, with leisure space surrounding the house. The homeowners liked this design because it encourages interaction with the neighbors and the building of relationships.

Another principle that guided the design of the project was the desire to disturb as little of the land as possible. The architects used a pre-tensioned flat slab for the lower level that includes the garage. To that same end, the decks, that are scattered around the backyard, literally float above the ground, leaving the terrain intact. Moreover, the entire backyard area feels like an extension of the indoor living spaces thanks to all the glass walls that physically close in the house, but visually tie the two together. Just outside the house, the deck is covered with what appears to be a pergola style covering, which actually is fitted with glass to provide cover from the elements. This type of cover lets in lots of light and still provides some shelter from the rain.

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Inside, the dominant materials of wood and concrete are on show, highlighted by the neutral palette of the minimalist decor. The main living space is open and airy, which is why it melds with the outdoor spaces so well. The expanse of glass brings in such a great deal of natural light but it also erases the boundaries with the outdoor area. The overhead lighting fixtures are kept close to the ceiling and this helps keep sightlines clear.

While the neutral palette highlights the natural vibe, there are a few key pops of color that add vibrancy to the home. Here, a deep blue table adds a bold but versatile color to the dining space, and in the kitchen, a vivid orange makes the island pop. In a home that is so oriented to natural materials, the strategic addition of just a bit of vivid color makes a dramatic impact. Even the appliances are rendered in a glossy blue finish, that adds some zippiness to the decor. The sleek design of the kitchen, devoid of handles and hardware, emphasizes the minimalist look of the property. Even the light fixture in the kitchen is a functional but unobtrusive design.

Spacious and very well designed, the laundry room area also incorporates a chic blue-gray finish on the cabinetry and has plenty of countertop and shelf space for all the laundry necessities. With one wall being all windows, there’s plenty of sunlight and a wide-open feeling in the space. It’s beautiful as well as essential to the home.

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Even the upper patio area is very natural, with organic slabs forming the patio area amid the gravel. Native plantings give this upper living space an organic feeling and very Zen vibe.



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