Modern Guna Villa by GMP Architekten

Imagine yourself in the middle of a forest and enjoying the comfort of a modern villa .I guess everybody dreams of such a wonderful place, an oasis of relaxation and peacefulness where nothing can bother you.

Guna Villa represents such a place. Here you can enjoy the wonderful pinewood forest and the gorgeous views offered by the natural environment. This modern villa, designed by GMP Architekten seems to relate to these wonderful surroundings. It is a villa located in Jurmala, a city about 25 kilometers west of Riga, Latvia.

Guna Villa occupies a surface of 6,835 square feet and represents a three storey house, designed to provide you all the facilities and comfort you need. The upper floor of the building offers great sleeping quarters, including bathrooms and dressing rooms. The living spaces can be found in the eastern part of the house. Here the central point is represented by the fireplace.

A multi flight ramp which connects various levels of the house is a characteristic feature of this building. The bright interiors, the modern furniture or the wall to ceiling windows which offer great views of the outside world are things that make of Guna Villa a warm and welcoming place. Besides all these things, perhaps the attraction of this construction is represented by a platform built in the north – west corner of the house which rises up 15 meters above the forest floor. It is like an observation tower where you can meditate and admire the beauties of nature.

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