Modern family House in Klokočná,Prague

Building a family house is a little more difficult than in the case of any other type of residence because it has to take into consideration some additional factors. A family home needs to be spacious and to flexible in the case more members join the family. Also, it needs to have a clever distribution of the rooms.

Modern family House building view

The parents and the children usually stay in their own areas unless they the children and very young. Moreover, the public areas need to be quite spacious. But that’s the traditional approach. Now let’s see what happens in the case of a modern family house.

Modern family House office

This minimalist residence is located in Klokočná, Prague and it was designed by Studio pha s.r.o. and built in 2010. The first thing that was taken care of was the division of the space into two volumes. There’s the main building and the barn-like structure. Between them there’s the courtyard. Other requirements were the large windows and a large number of rooms. The property also includes a terrace.

Modern family House hall

Modern family House hall

Modern family House fireplace dining room

Modern family House hall

Modern family House kitchen

Modern family House kitchen

Modern family House wood fire

Modern family House exterior building view

By adopting this very simple and basic shape, the architects manage to harmoniously combine a modern structure with a traditional design. the house has a sort of natural beauty. The interior is minimalist and elegant. When we take a look at this house we see that it basically follows most of the steps described in the first paragraph. Some a family is a family home, regardless of the style or location.{found  on archdaily}

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