Modern Family Home With Basement Parking And Elevated Floor

The Caucaso House is a private residence designed and built by JJRR/ Architecture in Ciudad de Mexico. The project was completed in 2016 and the house covers a total area of 750 square meters. The location was the element that dictated the structure of the building. In order to offer the clients the possibility to admire the beautiful views of the surroundings, the architects had to elevate the house a little bit.

Caucaso House glass facadeThe house was constructed using a combination of concrete, stone, steel and glassCaucaso House garden and terraceAt the back a lovely garden serves as a buffer zone between the house and its surroundingsCaucaso House on two floorsThe house has two levels, each containing a mixture of private and social spaces

The architects decided to elevate the house 1.3 meters above the sidewalk in order to capture the views. They also gave the house a basement level which is 1 meter below the sidewalk. This lower section contains the service areas as well as the parking space.

Caucaso House exterior stairsAccess inside the house is offered by a series of stairs along a stone wallCaucaso House terrace view of gardenA terrace links the interior spaces on the ground floor to the garden

The garden is small and intimate, without any large trees or shrubs. It’s framed by a green fence which is low enough to not obstruct the view of the beautiful panorama in the distance. The covered terrace is a great place from where to admire this freshness and beauty.

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Caucaso House terrace between interior and gardenThe terrace is not a very large one but it frames the house beautifullyCaucaso House long terrace along social areaThe interior spaces have sliding glass doors which offer them a panoramic view of the garden
Caucaso House sliding glass doorsThe sliding doors can be opened to turn the terrace into an extension of the living spaces

The narrow terrace runs along the length of the social area, allowing lots of natural light to enter the spaces and also a nice view of the back garden. The terrace and living spaces are separated through sliding glass doors which can be opened to link the two zones and to turn them into one. This way  the transition between interior and exterior is blurred and almost inexistent.

Caucaso House double height lobbyAt the end of the stairs, the entrance leads into a double-height lobbyCaucaso House double height ground floorThis is a transitional space which links the social spaces and creates a sense of grandeur

The ground floor contains the social spaces, two bedrooms and their respective bathrooms and dressing rooms. The social areas are oriented to the West white the bedrooms are facing East. There are no physical barriers between the lounge area and dining space, the two forming an open plan.

Caucaso House living areaThe living room and dining area are connected forming an open floor planCaucaso House dining spaceNevertheless, each function and each zone has its own sense of privacy and its own character

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Together, the dining space and living area form a welcoming and comfortable room with easy access to the terrace and a decor that’s very cohesive and inviting. However, even though they’re closely linked, the two functions have distinctive characteristics which allow them to stand out as individual spaces.

Caucaso House kitchen with pivot doorThe kitchen is long and narrow, not a very common type in modern and contemporary homes

The second floor contains the master bedroom as well as another separate bedroom. Each one has its own terrace. In addition to these rooms, this floor also houses a bathroom and a dressing room. From up here, the views are even more beautiful and impressive.

Caucaso House bathroom with viewThe bathroom has its own close connection to the outdoors



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