Modern Family Home Surrounded By Ancient Eucalyptus Trees

The LB House is a private residence located in Israel. It was completed in 2016 by Shachar- Rozenfeld architects and it offers a total of 600 square meters of living space. The building occupies a site with a trapezoidal shape situated right next to a small green park populated with ancient Eucalyptus trees. The clients wanted the park to look like a continuation of their own private garden and the design of the house and its surroundings were planned accordingly.

The property is adjacent to a green park and takes full advantage of the viewTrees frame the house and separate it from the parkThe facade facing the street is closed off for privacyThe house is designed as two stacked volumes, each with unique characteristics

The building has two floors and an L shape. It wraps around a lap pool framing it on two sides. At the same time, the house is facing the park, featuring full height windows towards the garden and sliding glass doors designed to link the interior living spaces to the outdoor spaces and to establish a seamless transition between them.

One of the ground floor corners is wrapped in glass and offers panoramic views of the gardenSliding glass doors connect the interior spaces to the garden and pool areaA lap pool sits parallel to the kitchen floor planSliding glass doors can open to eliminate the physical barrier between indoor and outdoor

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The longer side of the L-shaped floor plan measures 28 meters in length and contains the social spaces: the living and dining areas and the kitchen. The shorter section of the residence houses the master bedroom. In between these two wings there’s a double-height space which acts as a lobby and transition space. Full height windows on both wings offer direct access to the garden and poolside area from both the living space and the bedroom.

A double height space links the two wings of the houseThe kitchen is part of an open floor plan which also includes the living and dining areas
The kitchen island has a dining table extension which can also serve as a bar

A beautiful design feature is the fact that the house has open corners. By that we mean that there are no solid columns or walls in the living room and bedroom corners. They’re completely wrapped in glass and this allows panoramic and uninterrupted views to be admired

The living space is beautifully decorated with artsy light fixtures and wall artLight, breezy curtain set a fresh and serene mood throughout the houseThe L-shaped floor plan frames the swimming pool and the garden

The black kitchen has a long island with a table extension. It stands out and it contrasts with the living area which is decorated with light and neutral tones. The wooden floors balance out the color palette and make the decor more inviting and comfortable. They blend well with the breezy white curtains. A dark chromatic palette was also used in the dining area where the decor is both simple and sophisticated.

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Wooden floors warm up the decor and establish cohesion throughout the residenceThe lounge area is spacious, comfortable and quite simple in terms of furnishings and decorThe interior design is minimal and open, featuring neutral and light colors

The upper floor has a smaller floor plan than the lower level. It houses four children’s suits and a set of rooftop terraces. The transition is made via a narrow hallway with floating wooden stairs.

A set of floating wooden stairs connects the two floorsThe ground floor bedroom is directly connected to the gardenThe upper floor is shorter than the ground level and contains the bedroom suites



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