Modern eco-friendly house with high-tech features

Although not everyone shares the same opinion, protecting the environment should be a top priority and every little thing can help. You can start by being more eco-conscious when doing everyday things and, if you really want a more long-term project, you can have an eco-friendly home like this one. Located in Notting Hills, this lovely residence is just gorgeous.

The residence has a private driveway, it’s completely insulated and has a water filtration system as well as a variety of other sustainable features. It was also built using a series of recycled materials. The style chosen is modern and minimalist. The interior is simple and elegant, with a bright color palette and carefully-selected furniture pieces and decorations.

One of the most wonderful features is the landscaped roof terrace. It’s a large space with wooden flooring and views of the neighborhood and surrounding houses. In total, the house covers an area of 3219 square meters. It benefits from a wonderful location, minutes away from shopping malls and restaurants. The whole project is impeccable and shows how the concern for the environment can take a beautiful form.


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