Modern Duncan Terrace House in Islington by DOS Architects

This terrace was a bold project done by DOS Architects.The owners wanted to add a modern ground floor extension to their Georgian house in Islington, UK.This was supose to contain also  a bedroom a kitchen and a living area that would make the connection with the ouside garden.What resulted is this marvelous space inside and outside .

High tech structural glass was used to build  a  space entirely transparent  that brings the natural light into this newly created living. But privacy wasn’t forgotten either.The new ensuite bedroom is protected from any curious look and furnished properly with natural materials such as wood.Comfortable armchairs are placed inside and outside for the posibility of relaxation surrounded by the beautifull garden.The landscape is also part of the interior design.

Thanks to the big glass walls and doors the natural environment can be admired in any moment.In the interior many modern design elements can be spotted, like the long arm lamp and light spots embedded in the ceiling.This new created space increases the original home by a lot.

An extra bedroom with its own bathroom  and a kitchen , not to mention the living area are an important addiotion to a household.More and more people want to connect with nature from their own  personal space.This can be achieved  in many ways, one of them is what they did here  with this design.{found on homedsgn}

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