Modern country on the shore of the Rupanco lake

This county house is located in Rupanco, Puerto Octay, Chile and it has an unusually modern design. It was built in 2011 and designed by architects Luis Izquierdo and Antonia Lehmann from Izquierdo Lehmann. It’s sitting along a gentle prairie slope around 900 k south from Santiago. The house fits naturally into the surrounding landscape and it has a design that allows it to do that with ease.

Occupying a surface of 353 square meters, the house has the shape of a long pavilion facing the lake. Given the shape of the pavilion, the rooms inside it are lined up and are only connected by a roofed gallery that open onto an interior patio. Inside, the house contains five guest bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. There’s also a main bedroom, a large living room connected to a dining area, a beautiful kitchen, a service room and a garage. The pavilion is made from laminated wood beams with a black coating and they were arranged in a structure consisting of two rows of square pillars that support a master beam.

The pavilion has a flat roof covered with the same grass found on the prairie that surrounds the house. This way the pavilion becomes a part of the landscape. The building features a series of alternating private and public spaces, arranged in a row. The social areas are located close to the entrance while the private rooms are at the ends of the pavilion where they can enjoy a quiet atmosphere.

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