Modern Country Home In Colombia Adorns The Landscape With Its Refreshing Design

Built on a steep plot of land near Bogota, Colombia, this modern country home designed Arquitectura en Estudio and Natalia Heredia is surrounded by wonderful landscape and it beautifully complements the views of this valley with its clean and chic design.

Everything about it is wonderful but this exquisite outdoor pool is one of the features that stand out. The bold shades of blue and turquoise look amazing in combination with the brown of the wood and the green of the landscape.

The patio is spacious and stunning, offering an intimate relaxation area right next to the pool. It also captures all the great views. The roof is simple and flat and it offers protection from the sun and rain while also framing the landscape and diluting the limits between the interior and exterior spaces.

Everything is very beautifully framed and delimited and you can see that here. The sitting area is enclosed in a rectangular structure which offers it more intimacy. Notice the clean and sharp lines which contrast with the organic elements nature offers.

The relationship between the house and the nature and vegetation surrounding it is close and visible throughout the building. We’re talking about not only the views but also some of the lush accent details.

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The views are stunning and impressive, especially from the upstairs volumes. The bedroom offers panoramic and unobstructed views of the valley through the almost invisible glass walls.

Everywhere you look you see the same chic, modern and carefully planned design. Every little thing seems to have a place designed specifically for it and everything falls in place just right. The lighting, the colors, the materials, they all form a harmonious ambiance.

During the day, the landscape bursts with color and the simplicity of the house’s design allows it to stand out. At night roles change and the house glows like a star.

Artificial lighting captures all the gorgeous features of the house and it’s used to highlight the beautiful architecture and layout.

Imagine how wonderful it must be to see the sunrise or sunset from this lovely patio or to relax in the infinity pool and to see the valley and the world unfold before your eyes.



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