Modern Concrete House Built On A Budget And Featuring An Irregular Shape

As a young couple you often dream of having your own house but getting to actually design and build it the way you want is even more wonderful. Of course, there’s the financial issue. But, as the owners of this beautiful new house proved, you can build yourself a wonderful house on a budget.

The Hall House was designed by Alpha Architects and is made of concrete featuring an irregular, modern shape. It was designed to suit the couple’s lifestyle so it had to have a big volume, like a hall, fit for entertainment. Fitting this space into the project while keeping the costs to a minimum and building everything on this distorted site was definitely a challenge.

The house was built with a sort of extension which serves as a garage. It only has a roof and a wall and it extends from the entrance area.

As you enter, you get to see the social area which includes the lower portion with the pool table and the upper area with the kitchen and dining space.

This half-floor design is a response to the unusual shape of the site. To make the interior distribution and design feel less awkward, the roof also features an irregular shape, with sharp angles and a geometric design.

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Light gets into this lower volume through the large window facing the kitchen and dining area. It’s a compromise but you only notice the lack of windows when you actually see this one.

The house also has an upper level. You can access it via a staircase and it hovers above the entertainment area. Here you can see the whole distribution of the spaces in the house.

Upstairs is the private volume. Here you can find the bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The functions are separated by transparent glass walls.Light gets inside through the opening under the roof and glass was used in order to allow it to brighten up the whole room.



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