Modern Casa Familia by Kevin deFreitas Architects

Casa Familia is the modern image of the old school classic southern residence, but despite its appearance, Casa Familia is in fact a “green house”: even if its sizes are quite big, this residence is built in such a way that allows an electric energy saving of almost 65% of the consumption of a house meeting the same sizes and number of inhabitants.

This project compiles successfully modernism – as the whole project is built and decorated in a modern way, despite the classic image of a residence full of children and so on –  with a green backyard, perfect for children and for Sunday family reunions.

The most representative room for the Casa Familia Project is definitely the living room. It is placed at the first floor, it doesn’t have any walls – as the windows are wall sized- therefore, it offers a splendid view to its inhabitants, as all the valley can be seen out of there.{ Kevin deFreitas Architects }


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