Modern Cabin-Like Retreat Rules The Californian Landscape

The Flight House was designed by Sage Architecture. You can find it in the Martis Camp development in California, where it peacefully rests in the middle of nature. The clients asked for a house that would somehow combine modern architecture with the rustic beauty of log cabins.

The building was meant to serve as a family retreat where the owners could escape from the city life and relax here, surrounded by nature and all its beauty. The house features two wing-shaped roofs that shelter the main living space and the bedrooms.

The living area is a spacious room with polished concrete flooring that extends to the outside to form a porch. The kitchen and dining area are part of the space open space. They connect to the outdoors through large windows and sliding glass doors.

Stylish light fixtures were strategically chosen to highlight the mid-century modern vibe the clients admire but also to emphasize the horizontal lines of the house.

The architects used an array of low maintenance materials, making the house more energy efficient. The roof is mostly made of a single ply membrane. A lot of wood was used throughout, in an attempt to impart a rustic, cabin-like feel.

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The wood was kept natural. The walls and ceilings are clad in cedar and all the cabinetry is made of walnut. The main living space has a sculptural look. Elements of modern architecture were combined with simple materials, making the house a perfect combination of styles.

Warm colors and textures were used throughout and the interior décor is minimalist throughout. The bedroom areas are kept simple, with very little furniture, the occasional fireplace and chic light fixtures. The wood adds warmth to the rooms and the large windows let in the beautiful views.

The bathrooms are no different either. The colors, materials and textures were expertly combined to make them feel relaxing and inviting.

The architecture and layout of the house are a bit odd. The home office space, for example, seems to be separated from the rest of the home. It has its own wing, surrounded by glass walls and featuring a minimalist design.



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