Modern Brazilian House With A Concrete Desk by Arquiteto Gilberto Belleza

In Sao Paulo, Brazil where the sun shines almost the entire year, the residential sector benefits from a lot of attention. Both people and companies are trying to get the best spot for their home or for any other activities that involves a construction site or building. This project presented over here is a fine example of finding the perfect spot and building a very stylish, modern household.  The site area  is just over 800 square meters. A place with lush vegetation on situated in a magnificent residential area.

The actual building is spread over 400,00 square meters and thanks to the various levels of the ground this house features an interesting design. The main access into the building is made from the higher level , and the secondary entrance goes from the street lower point. The interesting design can be easily seen from outside. The big pool in the back yard suggests anything but an  ordinary living standard.

The numerous openings with large glass doors and windows allow the sun to get inside the perfect living conditions. The Arquiteto Gilberto Belleza architects choose natural light alternates with the artificial lighting system, designed to enhance every corner from this marvelous house. The interior is like nothing you’ve seen. It’s all based on the open space solutions for a modern living standard.

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Thereby at the lower level there is vast living room with large glass sliding doors facing  the garden and pool. Upstairs open areas allow spaces for working  and lounge. Modern furniture and materials redefine the concept of a clean , modern design.{found on archdaily and pics by Fran Parente}.



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