Modern beach pool house in Australia

This beautiful pool house is located in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. It was built upon the client’s request for a fresh oasis and a place for relaxation. The pool house was designed by Bark Design Architects with the help of structural engineers Scott Brimelow and GEO Consultin Engineers and landscape architects Pat Atkin and Landform Design Consultants.

The pool house is surrounded by four neighboring houses and a duplex. The site for the project measured 536 square meters. The whole team worked hard both on designing the house and then building it according to the plan and to the client’s requests. The result was this beautiful beach house, a place where the whole family can have fun and spend the holidays. It’s indeed an oasis of freshness and relaxation.

The house has a main volume as well as a series of secondary spaces located around a central private area with a double height indoor-outdoor room. It includes a raised swimming pool and it features a light-filled interior with high ceilings and bright walls. The overall contemporary design of this beach house makes it stand out in the area. The house also offers beautiful views of the coastal beach and the surrounding landscape. The palette of materials used for this project includes economical choices such as the exposed timber framing, the hardwood screens, the exposed studs, FC weatherboards or the polished concrete floors.{found on archdaily and pics by Christopher}.

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