Modern Beach Home Shaped by The Wind And The Landscape

Situated on the island of Terschelling, off the coast of the Netherlands, this modern home stands out with its architecture and design. It’s as if the building was shaped by the wind and the sandy dunes that surround it. In fact, this was actually the goal of the architects who wanted the house to blend in and to reflect the nature and the surrounding environment.

At the same time, another goal was a minimal carbon footprint. As Marc Koehler Architects themselves declare,

Sustainability is seen as an intrinsic aspect of good design rather than an add on;

and this approach was followed here beautifully.


The architecture, inspired by nature and by the neighboring local cottages, allows the building to blend in without disrupting the surroundings but, at the same time, it gives the house a unique flair. The sustainability of the project is reflected in a variety of features such as the ecological materials used throughout, the passive heating and cooling system, the use of solar panels and prefab wooden panels as well as that of a bio-fuel furnace.


The team used a holistic approach when designing the interior. A winding staircase sits at the center of the structure. As it transitions through the house, it wraps around the fireplace and it interacts with various storage and display functions.

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There’s a clear distinction between the social and the private zones. The living and entertainment spaces are all situated above the sand while the bedrooms and bathrooms are placed below. The open living space is divided into split levels, all organized around the central core.


The various spaces communicate with each other and each of them was shaped, sized and positioned in a specific way according to its function so even through the whole structure may seem random there’s really no such thing here.


Light and dark materials contrast and complement each other throughout the spaces. The sloped skylights let in natural light and create a sense of openness emphasized by the other oddly-shaped openings.


The interior design and ambiance are casual and welcoming. Features such as the hanging chair, the comfortable loungers or the amount of natural light make each space unique and special in its own way.





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