Modern bachelor pad for a simple and flexible lifestyle

You can always tell when a space was designed for a bachelor. It has that simple and straight-forward look that makes it so transparent. But this doesn’t mean by any means that all bachelor pads are the same. In fact, let us show you one you’ll definitely remember.

Here’s a lovely house located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It has a smart and modern design and a simple and flexible interior which makes it the perfect bachelor pad. There’s a very nice masculine vibe throughout the design, both in terms of architecture and interior décor. The house has two parking spaces on the ground floor which is great because all men like cars and don’t mind having more than one.

The interior is very straight-forward and without any embellishments and useless features. Everything you see here is either necessary or practical and fun to have around. The living room is spacious and features a comfy sofa and a fireplace which separates it from the kitchen. There you’ll find a minimalist décor with open shelves. There’s also a bar, a small dining area with nice views and a gorgeous pool.


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