Modern Austrian Houses With Designs Inspired By Their Surroundings

Austria is a beautiful country with lots of amazing landscapes and also lots of beautiful houses to take advantage of them. We’re going to take a look at some of these today so we did some research and we found a bunch of modern Austrian houses with interesting designs which we’re going to share with you down below.

This beautiful house occupies a sloping site with gorgeous views of the Austrian Alps. It’s been designed to take full advantage of the views and as you can see its indoor living areas open up to a large veranda which extends out into the garden. This covered outdoor social area is a defining feature of this project, being the element that links the house to its immediate surroundings and allows it to make the most of its location. The project was completed in 2019 by architecture studio Superfuturegroup.

This charming farmstead is something that Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten designed back in 2015. There are five structures in total on the site: the main house and four annexes which used to be traditional farm buildings but were transformed into guest areas as well as a pool house and a wellness section. The main building is the main residential area and although it has a pitched roof and a rustic appearance on the outside, the interior is modern and perfectly adapted to suit the contemporary lifestyle of the owners.

Here’s another beautiful house out in the Austrian countryside. It was designed and built-in 2013 by studio Bernardo Bader Architekten and it’s located in Vorarlberg. It follows the general outline of a traditional barn but with cleaner and simpler lines which give it a visibly modern allure cabin. The entire structure was built using locally-sourced wood in various variations. Inside, the rooms are organized on two levels which follow a very simple, rectangular-shaped plan. A wooden deck extends to one side, expanding the living areas outside and taking advantage of the beautiful scenery.

This is another example of a modern Austrian house inspired by the design of traditional barns and other similar structures. This one is located in Schnifis and was completed in 2018 by architecture and design studio ma_ma. It occupies a fairly flat and open site bordered by forests and with ample views of the Rätikon mountain range. It has a pitched roof which allows it to better blend into the vernacular and it also has solar panels on the roof. Internally, the layout is simple and the spaces are organized on two floors plus a loft area, with large windows that frame the panoramic views and bring in lots of natural sunlight.

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Of course, not all Austrian houses have barn-style designs. This one, for example, has a very sculptural design and an interesting and clean geometry. It was designed by Juri Troy Architects and it occupies a sloping site in Eichgraben. It takes advantage of its position and topography by blending in with the hillside and preserving its immediate surroundings as best as possible. Although the footprint is quite small, the house makes up for that by spreading over three different floors. The rooms are clustered into volumes with different orientations and views over the vast and beautiful landscape that surrounds the site.

This house is quite massive compared to all the others we showed you so far. It was designed by studio HEIMSPIEL architektur and it’s located in Burgenland. It has a U-shaped floor plan which forms three separate volumes, all connected under this asymmetrical folded roof which looks really cool from the outside. This is actually a modern interpretation of the classical saddle roof which was a requirement imposed by the local regulations. Each of the three wings has a different height and a distinct structure and geometry. They all connect to one another in a very harmonious way.

This modern summer house takes the place of an old farmhouse building which used to occupy the site, completely transforming the site. It’s situated at the edge of a forest, with a steep valley unfolding close-by and amazing views over the entire surrounding landscape. The new house was designed by studio Innauer-Matt Architekten. Its exterior is clad in timber as an homage to the old farmhouses that used to occupy this area. The interior is modern and follows a very clean and simple aesthetic, with neutral colors and simple geometries that complement each other perfectly.

Like a lot of other modern houses, this one was built using a combination of simple materials such as wood, concrete, and glass. It’s a combination that works in its favor, allowing it to take advantage of the magnificent views, to blend into the vernacular and also to look and feel very inviting and welcoming. The house was designed by studio mia2/Architektur and sits on a sloped site with a view of the Alps. The ground floor is partially built into the hillside, being half a meter below terrain level at one point. 

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A while ago studio Viereck Architects designed and built a series of modern chalets in Styria which were meant to take advantage of the exceptional views. They sit on top of the mountain crest and overlook the valley. The inspiration for this came from bird’s nests which are often precariously placed at high altitudes yet are very well anchored to their immediate surroundings. As a result, these chalets look as if they’re floating above the landscape. They have large windows and terraces which bring the outdoors in and they have wood-clad exteriors which allow them to blend into the landscape.

This is a rather peculiar house. It has a cross-shaped floor plan which allows it to extend in four different directions and as a result to take advantage of the views on each side of the plot. It also indirectly organizes the interior spaces into four distinct zones. The owners wanted this to be a cozy and welcoming home and to also have a timeless vibe. They worked with studio Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten and managed to make all of that happen. In addition, the architects also created a very beautiful and natural connection between the house and the outdoor areas surrounding it.

The house designed by Spado Architects is situated 1100 meters above sea level on a lush and beautiful site in Carinthia. It’s a two-story structure with a solid concrete base and a pitched roof with no overhangs. The exterior is partially clad in timber which creates a very smooth transition between the walls and the roof, giving the house a simple and very clean geometry. As you can see, minimalism is a defining characteristic of this entire project. The design focuses on functionality and ignores any unnecessary features in favor of a very clean and simple aesthetic.



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