Modern Architecture and Design in Montreal, Quebec

Summer is great. You get to go to the beach and enjoy the sun, the fine sand and you get to have a great time during the vacation. But summer doesn’t last forever and soon it’s going to leave us and make room for the autumn. But this is not a reason to feel sad but more like an invitation to try to enjoy this beautiful season with amazing changes of color.

La Source Spa is the perfect to do that. Located close to Montreal, Quebec, this incredibly relaxing and spectacular place tries to make the best of autumn. Here you can enjoy the incredibly relaxing massage therapy pavilion and forget about all your problems. It’s the perfect getaway place, a place where stress is an unknown concept. La Source Spa is a group of buildings with a modern architecture and design that tries to embrace nature in the same time and to make it a part of the picture.

This place was envisaged as somewhere where you can go to taste the true beauty of autumn and to see how the trees change their color in front of your eyes. The buildings feature high glass windows, strategically designed to offer incredibly beautiful views. The outdoor sauna is also in close connection to nature. It’s a great place for relaxation and it’s opened to everybody.Done by btae and found on mocoloco.

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