Modern and white Japanese house

Space is something that everybody is looking for when it comes to refer to a living place. Although I love spacious houses I am not so fond of them. I think that I can lose myself or feel too alone. Still there are persons who love to have a spacious house which can offer them a lot of freedom and comfort. Here they would feel free to do anything they want without any restriction and make their guests have the same feelings.

Satoru Hirota Architects designed a public house and combined residential studio which have different purpose and function. It looks like some small connected houses. Still the rooms of the house are huge, with high ceilings and looks like a mysterious labyrinth. At the part of the house there is a patio small public space where you can relax for a few moments. The two level house has many corridors and walls used as dividers which make you see the building as a great place to explore and discover its mysterious rooms.

Everything is spacious and modern. There are few pieces of furniture so that you can admire the contrasting white walls with the natural wood parquets. The kitchen and dinner area are very large with modern equipment and a wonderful chandelier. The bathroom keeps the same contrasting nuances and simplicity of modern design. The interior floating stairs take you upstairs and you feel like go towards the high sky. Every room of the house is invaded by natural light which comes in through the numerous windows of the rooms.{found on archdaily}.

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