Modern and Unusual Kennedy Residence by Semple Brown Design

This is the Kennedy Residence. It’s a beautiful home located in Boulder, Colorado. It’s a modern residence with an unusual design. The house sits on a 12-acre site, close to the buff-colored stone canyon bluffs directly east of Boulder. Usually, the site is chosen for the views that it offers. In this case the reasons were very different. The site was chosen thinking about directing energy inward and creating a peaceful intimacy within the site itself.The piece of and on which the Kennedy residence was built had a lot of wood on it.

This helped determine the design of the house. It was like trying to build a house within a maze of cottonwood, elm, and spruce. The residence was designed by Semple Brown Design. The architects organized the house in three wings. These volumes correspond to the spaces offered by the mature trees. The wings are connected to each other by public spaces and courtyards.

The first volume is also the area that welcomes guests. It includes a mail hallway that also offers access to the second and third wings. This volume also has a porch and a private courtyard and it provides panoramic views to the east. The kitchen is the center of the house. The dining room and the screen porch serve as an extension of the backyard. The living room is spacious and it also offers beautiful views of the Boulder Creek.The second wing of the residence stretches from the family room to the kitchen. It also includes the children’s rooms and a master suite as well as a long stone hall. The third wing includes the playroom, the barn, the guest suite and the garage.{found on contemporist}.

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