Modern and extremely simple CG house by Rethink Studio

This modern and extremely simple residence is the CG House and it’s located in Mauritius, close to a pine forest and situated on a 1000 sqm plot. The project had to include a two bedroom house with all the rooms on the same level and to also incorporate as much space available for gardening as possible. The owner really enjoys taking care of the garden and entertaining family and friends in there.

The client was also an interior decorator who already had an idea of how the interior should look like. It had to be a contemporary design that would reflect her design preferences and that would also showcase some elements used in her recent decors. The house needed to be energy-efficient and sustainable because of the small budget. However, this didn’t mean that it would look less striking.

The living/dining room is situated in the center of the house and it can be sued both as a covered terrace and a formal living/dining area. In order to create a unifying décor, rough-sawn pine formwork boarding was sued throughout the house. The result was a contrastive and yet very simple and chic residence, with a timeless design that perfectly integrates in the area and respond well to the tropical climate. It’s also a very cozy and inviting home, a relaxing getaway.{found on archdaily and designed by rethinkstudio}

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