Modern and colorful residence located in Brasília

This is House 8 or Casa 8 as it was originally named, a modern and colorful residence located in Brasília, DF, Brazil. The house sits on a total area of 420 square meters and it was designed by Atria Arquitetos. The construction was completed in 2010. Casa 8 is a colorful and cozy family residence with a very simple design.

The residence has been built with simple materials and natural textures. This is visible both inside and out. The main idea behind this project was to explore the possibilities of combining the interior and exterior spaces. The house has a steel concrete structure and only has one level. It has a very simple plan and a minimalist design. It sits on a 20 meters wide and 80 meters long site (1.600 square meters). Another important aspect of this project was the preservation of the vegetation existent on the site.

At first sight, the house resembles a simple and enclosed box-like structure. It has a garden in front and nothing else seems special about it. If you look closer you realize that it’s not as simple as it seems. In fact, the interior and exterior spaces often get confused and were designed to complete each other. That’s mostly because of the pivoting doors and sliding wooden doors. Also, the rooms are spacious and have an open design.

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Inside, the residence is organized in three different volumes. There are the common or collective spaces that include the kitchen, the library, the dining room and the living room.

Another category is the support spaces composed of the garage, the laundry and the service bathroom. The third volume is the intimate area that includes the bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s a practical, simple and functional division. The peripheral areas such as the kitchen, library, dining and living room are ventilated and illuminated by the pivoting doors while the intimate space are ventilated and lightened through conservatories in some of the bedrooms, and glazed roofs in other.{found on archdaily}.



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