Mod Home Venice California – Trendy but Expensive

Keeping with the modern trends, the boutique Mod Home in Venice in California offers strikingly modern architectural features. Construction is clean and attractive. A great advantage is that the boutique home is located at only walking distance from the sea beach. At the same time Abbott Kinney shops and restaurants are located in close proximity to the home.

While the  ground floor opens up into the outdoor decks flanking the native Californian gardens, the upstairs take care of the privacy and personalization with a couple of well furnished bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms has a private balcony and a loft. In addition there is one oft bed type kitchen that is fully equipped and two bathrooms.Modern facilities like Internet is available and some great sites like Santa Monica Mountains, Marina del Rey, and Getty Museums are close by.

Despite all the above facilities a couple of downsides are high rates charged and the homes are not pet friendly.


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