MO House by LVS Architecture & JC NAME Arquitectos

MO House by LVS Architecture & JC NAME Arquitectos22

MO House by LVS Architecture & JC NAME Arquitectos10

The MO House project is not a conventional architectural program. It is rather typical with a proposal for residence being uniquely designed. It does not have any link with social rules and regulations. Experiments and researches or deep studies have resulted in the rise of this kind of architecture.

The project hopes to bring about a new change in architecture designing, thinking out of the box, breaking the established canons and introducing new shapes and materials. It establishes a different angle of viewing the house. The design involves two rectangular volumes being traversed by a bridge. The concept tries to break the house unity into two different dialogues thereby distinguishing the public and private areas, services and living and even between parents and children.

MO House by LVS Architecture & JC NAME Arquitectos9

The concept is projected in different angles and visuals and is based on premise of inhabiting. The house is mixed with playful esthetic along with photogenic diversities which can be visualized. It has a wonderful structure full of diagonals and intersections. It also provides an enjoyable view of lighting and shadows from each angle. It is definitely going to revolutionize the architectural designing.( Architects: LVS Architecture + JC NAME Arquitectos)

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