Mississauga Bungalow Renovation

The Eden House is a contemporary residence located in Mississauga, ON, Canada. It was built in 2011 and it occupies an area of 550.0 square feet. It was a project by The Practice of Everyday Design. The clients, who have been living in that area for 30 years, wanted the architects to give them more living space. They also wanted to modernize their existing home.

The architects were asked to try to maintain the proportions of the existing structure and to simply reorganize its interior so that it would be more functional and efficiently used. They had to basically rebuild the entire floor. Originally, this level was placed above the garage and occupied an area of 550 square feet. It features a 7 foot high ceiling and contained four rooms. The rooms were tiny and not used properly so the entire space had to be restructured.

The new second floor features a hidden staircase placed behind two small doors in the dining room. The rooms were reorganized and got large windows overlooking the garden as well as a series of small windows placed on different heights that allows more intimacy but provides the same amount of light. During the restoration, the storage space was increased and the house became airy and organized. It’s now a clutter-free, very inviting home with a minimalist, contemporary interior.{found on archdaily}.

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