Mishima Small House Family in Tokyo

This family residence can be found in Tokyo, Japan. It was created with the help of Keiji Ashizawa Design, project architects Keiji Ashizawa and Chino YamaguchiÅ and structural engineer ÅFASA Akira Suzuki. The house was completed in 2010. The main idea behind this project was to create a residence that would offer privacy to its inhabitants and that would also integrate in the surroundings.

For that there had to be a functional positioning of the rooms. The private areas of the house such as the bedrooms and bathrooms have been placed on the first and second floor, thus increasing the privacy level. The living room and the kitchen are located on the third floor and the study area is just above them in the loft. The location of the rooms has been carefully chosen so that they would benefit from the maximum potential of the sunlight.

The third floor has very high ceilings and large windows so it was easy to see that this space could be a perfect location for the public areas such as the living room. As for the structure, the house has a steel frame that helped keep the budget to a minimum and also allowed for ample space. Overall, this a private modern home situated in the hearth of Tokyo that managed to provide the owners with their dream family home.{found on archdaily and pics by Daici Ano}

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