Mirante do Horto Residence by Flavio Castro

The Mirante do Horto House it’s located in Sao Paolo, Brazil and was designed by Flavio Castro. It started from the idea to maximize the living area while creating a good relation between indoor and outdoor. On the facade the owner choose sliding panels across the front facade and a roof garden. The residence was furnished with many contemporary accessories like aquariums and beautiful wooden furniture which creates a warm atmosphere.

The interior décor is very beautiful indeed. There are so many interesting and eye-catching items in there, that you don’t know where to look first. It’s a very nice way of decorating your home in a contemporary and stylish way. The aquarium is particularly beautiful. I’ve always like aquarium, probably because I’ve had one for as long as I can remember, in fact there was an aquarium in my house from before I was even born. So it’s like a tradition.

Furthermore, there are also those beautiful plants that create a fresh atmosphere in there.  There are all sort of details in there, all of them are beautiful and special. I also like the paintings that are hanging on the walls. They add some contrast to the overall design. The furniture is very well chosen. It’s a very beautiful combination of colors that go very well together. It’s a stylish and elegant place.

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