Mirador House in Lima by 2.8 x Architects

Mirador House inLima,Peruis a project designed by 2.8 x Architects. Located in a residential neighborhood in the east ofLima, the house’s main objective was to contain an air of renewal and modernity in order to ensure the functional comfort for daily functioning we all want. The intention of the building was accomplished and thus we have the picture of a volumetric architectural modern, transparent, bright minimalist building, but also concepts of the modern movement architecture of the 30′ s gathered in the same space.

The two existing volumes contrast each other: a fully transparent one, made of glass and metal including the social housing area that allows a clear view over the city and a second volume, containing the most private area of the house. The materials that help to create the counterpart and demonstrate how the building sits on the hill are stone and concrete and the idea is that of allowing the volume to feel like a free-floating element.

Also among the most interesting aspects, there is the idea of exploiting the full view and fix the theme of the fifth facade in the homes spread over the hill neighborhood. From outside, everything seems unexpected, but once you get closer things provide a more normal perspective, with common elements that belong to all houses, but also with a garden terrace that impresses more than anything, just perfect to admire the view and feel at ease in the company of friends and family.{found on contemporist}.

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