Minimalist White House in Zaragoza

If you have the mind of an artist, and you want to live in your own world, I think this house would perfectly fit you. Moliner house was completed in 2008 and has been designed by Alberto Campe Baeza, a Madrid-based design studio. The chic, minimalistic property can be found in Zaragoza, Spain, and according to the architects, this special home was built for a poet. The whole idea of this project was to build a house for dreaming, living and sleeping, a house for an artist mind in which he can read, write and think.

The architects have built a three levels house from concrete exterior walls and floors, an isolated place from the crowded and busy city life. This house is being surrounded by a high, white, concrete fence which allows the artist to have privacy in his own courtyard, where the only elements alive are some birch trees, also surrounded by gravel bedding, which are being reflected in the crystal clear water from the swimming pool.

Inside, everything is white. White marble, white furniture, white walls, white stairs, and white shelving that are combined not to disturb the artist’s imagination. The only objects that stand out are some comfortable chairs, the books, and some minimalist statues. I suppose that the client preferred this kind of house because he needed a place to live, but not one to distract him from his contemplation. Anyway, I think this is a beautiful, elegant house, where you would really love to live in.

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