Minimalist three-storey residence with a modern interior

This beautiful residence has a simple design, both inside and out. It has a minimalist façade and a modern interior. It’s also filled with natural light and has an airy feel. As you can see, the house features large and generous windows complemented by smaller versions of these ones. This way there’s always at least one source of natural light in each room.As for the interior, it’s decorated with mostly neutral tones.

The walls are either white or grey and the furniture is minimalist and featuring the same color tones. The internal structure of the house has been functionally designed. On the first floor there are two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a hall and a washroom. The second floor houses the social areas such as the living room, the kitchen as well as two terraces. There’s a separate entrance that leads to this floor.

The third floor of the house is actually a separate apartment. It includes its own living room, kitchen as well as two bedrooms and a bathroom. It’s like a guest apartment. All the floors have similar interior decors. The colors are the same everywhere and the décor is minimalist and stylish. There are no bright pops of colors, not even in the case of the wall art. Everything is very delicate and elegant, while also featuring a casual look. The fresh plants scattered all over the house are the only pop of color.

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