Minimalist Swedish residence with surround views

Located in the southern part of Malmo, in Sweden, Villa M2 is a splendid residence designed and built by Lindvall A&D. The building was designed to allow the inhabitants to spend a lot of time outdoors. As a result, it has big outdoor living spaces, a large deck, an inviting poolside area and the transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces is smooth and seamless.

As for the interior, the whole house is bright and airy. It’s like a breezy beach home but in the heart of the city. In addition, the huge windows and glass walls open the rooms to the beautiful outdoors so there’s a very strong connection there. If you also take into consideration the stunning views that surround the house, then the design is truly perfect. The simple architecture and overall design are the perfect choice to complement the landscape with.

The minimalistic house was designed for a single family as a private home. It’s situated next to an old line quarry which is now a small lake and, because lime is white, the exterior of the house was also painted white to match the surroundings and to make it look like a natural part of the land.

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