Minimalist residential architectural style in Japan

This is the Light Stage House, an unconventional and unusual residence located in Japan. There are a lot of eye-catching and unconventional residences in Japan and it’s hard to be impressed by a new design. However, this one is especially unusual. The Light Stage House was a project developer by Future Studio.

It’s a private dwelling with a strange but beautiful design and shape. The Light Stage House is a two-storey structure located in Hiroshima,Japan. It has curved walls, not a very common feature in conventional homes. The residence has a compact shape and a functional internal structure. The kitchen is very compact and features built-in furniture. The overall design of this house is harmonious and beautiful.

However, because of the location and orientation of the site, it’s very difficult to receive natural light into the house. The architects had to be creative. As a result, they designed the top floor as a public area. There they included an upper area that serves as an outdoor terrace. This space is filled with natural light. The inhabitants spend most of their time on this floor from where they can also enjoy panoramic views of the neighborhood.

The design turned out to be very functional after all. The upper floor is the public zone and this means that the other levels include the more private areas of the house, spaces that don’t necessarily need a lot of natural light and that could actually benefit from a little more privacy. As you can see, the residence has several small windows placed on different height and apparently randomly. It’s an unusual but eye-catching and practical design.

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