Minimalist Japanese House In Close Connection With Nature

Living in close connection with nature has always been someone people enjoy. However, these days it’s difficult to do that because of practical reasons. It’s also difficult to find a good spot for a house when everyone else is looking for the same thing. As a result, we are forced to improvise. The owners of this residence have found a very interesting and daring solution. They managed to integrate nature inside their home as opposed to search for a way to take the house in the middle of nature.

The Kofunaki House is located in Shiga, Japan and occupies an area of 132.31 square meters. It was a project by ALTS Design Office and it was completed in 2012. The house is very bright and it’s just because indoor plants need light to live. It’s also a personal option of the owners. They wanted a very airy home with a design that would make them feel in close connection with nature even though the outside reality doesn’t allow that. As a result, they incorporated lots of outdoor features right there inside their home.

The house features lots of plants inside and recreates a natural environment. The indoor-outdoor connection is very strong but not because the house has large glass windows like in most cases. It’s because the interior is very similar to the outdoor environment. Throughout the house, the walls and ceilings are completely white. The rest of the features are made of wood with a natural look.

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The owners also integrated many plants inside but not in pots or planters as it usually happens. They planted them in actual ground. The floor has decoupages all over the house with natural habitats inside them. It’s a very interesting concept and the results are very inspiring. Not only that the atmosphere is very light and airy but with a home like this you rarely feel the need to go away.




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