Minimalist house stands out with its fresh and sculptural design

Minimalism goes hand in hand with simplicity and lack of ornamentation but can a house be too simple? I guess it could but we haven’t found it yet. Minimalist houses we’ve looked at so far are beautifully balanced just like this one. Designed by Takao Akiyama, the house can be found in Meiwamach and has a very fresh and simple look.

Simple and clean lines define the whole house. Its rectangular form gives it that classical look while a few perfectly-planned accent details like the asymmetrical lines or the sculptural look make the house stand out from the distance, even though color or ornamentation are lacking. It’s what this style is all about. Another reason why this house stands out is the fact that it contrasts with the surrounding homes in the neighborhood.

The change of scenery comes very sudden and it’s how simplicity can be so striking and surprising. White is the color of choice for both the interior and the exterior of this house. Carefully selected accent details create the overall balanced effect. The house also has a close connection to the outdoors as it opens directly onto the interior garden. Natural materials were used for the landscape and the huge windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls further emphasizes this relationship between the spaces.

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