Minimalist Dj house in Portugal

The DJ House is a contemporary residence located in Carcavelos, Cascais in Portugal. It occupies an area of 283.81 square meters and it was completed in 2012. It has a minimalist design and a very clean and airy look. The exterior of the house is completely white and this makes it stand out but also blend in because of its simplicity.

The residence was designed by [i]da arquitectos and it features a very simple but very functionally structured interior. There are two wings of the house that are separated by a central patio. This space divides the house into two parts and it also organizes the rest of the interior spaces. The west half of the house is a large horizontal space that opens onto the garden. This side contains the dining room and the kitchen. The east part is a vertical space that houses the living room. This side is a more private area.

The two parts of the house seem to be in contrast. One is horizontal while the other one is vertical, one is public and the other one is private and one is connected to the ground and the garden while the other one with the sky. But even though these spaces are apparently contrasting we can also see that there’s continuity throughout the house. The overall design connects all these spaces and brings them together in a beautiful, minimalist structure.{pictures by Joao Morgado and found on archdaily}.

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