Minimalist Dinesh Mills Bungalow With Clean Lines by atelier dnD

This stylish minimalist house is located in Gujarat, India and it’s a 6,000 sqf project designed by atelier dnD in 2010. The idea was to build a minimalist, simple and elegant house where the interior and exterior spaces blend harmoniously. This way the user would also have the feeling of being in touch with nature and the outdoor area without necessarily going outside.

The house has been designed for a family of three and it had to meet their functional requirements while featuring a contemporary design. There was a lot of natural vegetation on the site and the designers really wanted to preserve most of it. This has been a challenge but in the end the results were pleasing. The most difficult was to try to preserve the trees that were growing in that area. The interior and exterior spaces are not clearly defined. As a result, there are spaces like the three outdoor verandahs that serve as semi-open spaces and are used as living and bedrooms.

The residence also features an outdoor pool and a deck that serve as entertainment areas during summer. In terms of interior design and décor, the predominant style is contemporary with very simple and minimalist pieces. The overall look is stylish and distinguished and the colors used blend very nicely together. The house has a very cozy and inviting look, especially with all those semi-open spaces.

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