Minimalist country residence in Moscow by Sergey Nasedkin

This beautiful house is an eye-catching addition to the area. It’s located in Moscow, Russia. The house covers a total area of 210 square meters. It was a project by Sergey Nasedkin and it was completed in 2010. In fact, the house was very quickly erected. That’s because the architects and the client decided to use industrial methods. This is a process often used when designing private houses and it allows both the client and the architects to finish the construction quicker and to be able to enjoy the new home. This house was completed in less than 4 months. It was built using multiple panels.

The main idea behind this project was to create a low residence that would blend into the surrounding and would basically become invisible. I guess this would be easier during the rest of the year, when the white snow doesn’t cover everything making the house stand out.

The house has a design reminding of the 30s and 40s. It’s simple and with a geometrical shape. It features clean lines and a design that allows for privacy while also providing nice views of the neighborhood. The house is very well insulated, this being one of the elements that best describes it. It has tall trees in the background and it seems to be part of the landscape already.{found on archdaily}.

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