Milk Bottle Buildings

When looking for odd things on the Internet I ran into an unusual picture with a building that had a huge milk bottle on top. My first impression was it was really funny and I think my kids would have loved to see it, but to my surprise , when I googled “milk bottle building” for more details, I could find a whole bunch of them. Apparently many people working in the dairy industry had the same idea: to advertise their products by using the most representative image for them – the milk bottle. So let’s see a few of the buildings I found.

1. Benewah Milk Bottle at 321 S. Cedar in Spokane, Washington, built in 1935. A smaller version of this building is in picture number four, this time with a different color of the milk bottle cap, both situated in the same town, the first one functioning as an antique shop and the other as the headquarters of a political party .

2. Picture number two and three show us what it’s said to be World’s Largest Milk Bottle, which is situated in Oklahoma City – 2426 N. Classen Blvd.

3. Picture number five shows us another huge milk bottle building located in Richmond, Virginia – Curles Neck Dairy building that was built around 1910  and was used a plant until the 1970s and after that it was turned into a building with some nice apartments, as you can see for yourself from the photo.

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4. Last, but not least, is the  Guaranteed Milk Bottle – all the way from Heritage Montreal. It is really old , being somewhere around 77 years old and has 6 ton weight, now neglected, but with a lot of historical value.



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