Melbourne Dream Contemporary Home by dKO Architecture

The A-G House is a very beautiful contemporary residence located in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a single-storey structure that takes the classic design to another level. The house was a project by dKO Architecture and it was completed in 2011. It was a 450 square meter project and it came out simple but very beautiful. It’s a reinterpretation of the classic mid-century California Modern design that was transformed and turned into the perfect home for a three generational family.

When you build something for a large family with more than one or even two generations, it’s difficult to find a design that works for everyone. In this case, the key was simplicity. The house is minimalist and modern and it serves perfectly everyone’s needs. This means that it successfully fulfills the main requirement that the client had. Since there are three generations living under the same roof, the house had to be large and to also have multiple volumes so that privacy can be achieved.

The A-G House has three wings and they are all connected via a spine. Not only that the design itself was reinvented, but the whole project has a twist. The backyard was actually reoriented towards the front of the house thus creating a central area that merges with the indoors. Overall, the house has clean lines and a geometrical design combined with a simple interior décor, a neutral color palette and very stylish details. The custom furniture not only reflects the owner’s personality but also creates a visual continuity throughout the house.

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