Megan Lea’s Backyard House Built From Recycled Barnboards

When you have a house on your own property, there’s always room for more. Additions and extra spaces are easier to create when you have the space for them. A nice example in this case is the Backyard House. It’s a sort of extension of the main house and it’s located in the back yard.

The idea was very clever and very simple. The back yard is a wonderful space to spend time in, to relax and to be alone with your thoughts. It’s also a great space to use for an extension of the house, in case you need more living space. The Backyard House was intended as an extra space that could serve either as an office or a guest room. It’s a rather small structure but that was the main idea. The 154 square foot structure was built in a small corner of the vegetable garden. It doesn’t take a lot of space and it has its own corner where it’s peace and quiet.

The extension was built using salvaged barn lumber. It was a relatively simple project and it was completed in just 6 months. It has an original look, given the different shades and textures of the wood used to build it. The mini house also has a salvaged copper roof. It was a cheap project and its owners now have a lovely extra space. They can use it a private office whenever they need some peace and quiet to work or they can use it as a guest room whenever guests show up and want to spend the night.{found on inhabitat}.

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