Mediterranean cliffside villa takes full advantage of its location

Given the location and the design, I’d say this is one of the most unusual buildings we had to describe so far. This luxury Mediterranean villa is perched high on a cliff and sits on an angle. Such a site would be considered impossible to build on by some but, in this case, the architects embraced it and decided to use the location to their advantage.

Beautiful views surround the villa so a design was created for the building that allows the inhabitants to enjoy them. The villa has an open top. This way light invades the interior spaces and the views and the beautiful weather can be enjoyed to their fullest. The interior and exterior spaces are seamlessly connected by large glass walls.

The interior design is simple, modern and sophisticated. Bright and simple colors were used throughout. The high ceilings and double height spaces are imposing and give a great sense of space. The furniture is minimalist and features simple, clean and sharp lines and angles. The textures, materials and colors all communicate beautifully. Carefully-selected accent details were chosen to complement the spaces. Everything here screams uniqueness.


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