Mediterranean Architecture As Seen On House Exteriors And Facades

Mediterranean architecture as a whole is composed of a variety of styles that include romantic settings, simple and direct looks and elaborate details. In this large category we can include buildings that are very ornate and organized as well as simplistic structures that impress with their elegance. The Mediterranean style is quite easy to recognize given a series of distinct particularities.

An imposing Tuscan residence featuring a Mediterranean exterior

The structures are usually based on a rectangular floor plan and they feature massive and symmetrical facades. This makes it easy to identify Mediterranean architecture from the distance, even before you step inside a building.

Stone walls and tiled roof, both typical characteristic of Mediterranean architectureNotice the large arched doors and windows emphasized by the designerSymmetry is an important characteristic of Mediterranean architectureThe windows grilles and arched doors and windows integrate this house in the same categoryThis beautiful lush garden complements the house and is carefully organized
Another typical Mediterranean exterior with wrought iron balconies red-tiled roofA nice example of very clean and elegant Mediterranean architectureThis style is often very ornate but it still looks simple in comparison with othersA more modern approach to the style with simplistic details and clean linesThe garden is also beautifully organized and very nicely structuredStone is also usually used in Mediterranean architecture along with nature-inspired colorsA closer look at the red-tiled roof and strong structure of this residence

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Other typical characteristics include stuccoed walls, red tiled roofs and windows in the shape of arches or circles along with wood or iron balconies. Lush gardens are also usually accompanying such structures and they are beautifully organized with well-defined areas and elegant decorations.

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