Matryoshka House designed by David Jameson

The famous Matryoshka Doll has inspired a lot of projects, including some from the world of design and architecture. After seeing the Matreshka Chair, this concept is probably familiar to you now. So it’s time to pass to bigger designs, like this house. It’s actually a very small house, located in Bethesda, Maryland. It was designed by the architect David Jameson, who used the same system as that of the dolls.

This way, the house is nesting a series of volumes found one inside another. In the middle are the living areas of the house, enveloped by a wooden container, like a shell that also includes the suspended meditation chamber. This one is actually at the core of the construction, theoretically speaking. The meditation chamber is covered with an open glowing frame. This room is the spiritual center of the house, the place where the inhabitants can go for relaxation and meditation. The wooden shell that surrounds and envelopes the meditation chamber and the living areas is acting as a protective shell that also grounds the structure to the earth.

There are also some in-between spaces that have been strategically sliced in order to allow the sun to penetrate inside. This way, the light becomes an important factor for the interstitial spaces found inside the house. It’s like the light actually activates the interior. It’s a very beautiful image.

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