Mary Lou Retton’s luxury Houston home

Every once in a while we enjoy taking a look at celebrity homes. It gives us a nice perspective and it lets us understand that every home is unique and that a luxury home can also be simple, depending on personal preferences. Today we’re going to look inside the residence of Mary Lou Retton. She is an American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist, the first female gymnast from outside Eastern Europe to win the Olympic gold medal in the Gymnastic Individual All-around competition.

Located in South Texas, this residence impresses on many levels. The owner decided to return in West Virginia to be close to her family so the house was listed on the market. The mansion measures a total of 9,000 square feet. It’s a custom-built residence that features a total of 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. The style chosen for the project was rustic with modern influences. The rooms are all spacious and they all share a very warm and inviting atmosphere. In the case of this stunning residence, the large dimensions don’t affect the coziness of the interior décor.

The residence has a dreamy look, although it doesn’t share the modern or contemporary type of design that most celebrity homes feature, this property is charming in a unique way. The rustic style chosen gives it character. The outdoor terraces are very beautiful and the colored limestone and grotto pool further increase its charm. The earthy color palette adds warmth to every room while also giving it a classical elegance.

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