Marvellous Residence in the Middle of a Vineyard Meadow and Oak Forest

This large residence has been setup on the beautiful Nappa Valley by Cutler Anderson Architects. The fact that the residence resides on a hill in the Nappa Valley adds to its beauty. This splendorous residence is covered with lush green vineyard, meadow and Oak forest. The residence has been designed in such a way that the main part of it enclosing two sides of the meadow, kept open such that children love that place. Also, a studio has been placed at the oak grove and it is connected to the house by a little walk.



An awesome guesthouse is located at the vineyard and the main house could be easily reached through a bridge set at knee height! The buildings have been made up of earth walls  on the public side and some earth piers and wooden frame on land accessible sides. The interiors, vineyard, meadow and oak forest make it a compelling place to visit!


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