Maison du Boisé, a modern but not minimalist family home

Maison du Boisé is a beautiful family residence located in rural Quebec, Canada. It was built for a family with three young children and designed by Gestion René Desjardins. Before starting planning the design for the house, the clients first focused on finding the perfect site. They wanted it to be close to nature and to have lots of trees on it.

The architects were asked to focus on creating a design that would specifically address the children’s well-being. The clients then each focused on one aspect of the design. The mother started researching colors in an effort to find the perfect balance while the father was concerned about the house’s ability to last “indefinitely” as he put it. They both agreed that the style should be modern but not minimalist and they wanted the home to feel warm, inviting and cheerful, perfect for the children.

Even though they didn’t want the design to be minimalist, the clients didn’t want it to be overly cozy and colorful either. The focus was on making the children feel at home. It’s why the barriers between the public spaces and family areas were removed. The result was a series of ample, airy spaces where the children could have freedom of movement. The interior design is a combination of typically modern elements and classical details reinterpreted from a modern perspective.

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