M Shed New Museum of Bristol

M Shed Bristol Museum has an amazing location in Bristol, England and was created by LAB Architecture Studio on 5,300 sqm. It is a modern museum, positioned on the waterfront adjacent to the city’s commercial centre. It has two foyers: the Main Foyer and the Western one, which serve, as people say, as orientation spaces for visitors, exhibition spaces – if needed, but their most important role is that of providing beautiful views over Bristol.

It  does not fit the classic pattern of a museum, being a wide modern space and a significant aspect is the fact that the building in itself is not boring, as some people would expect. On the contrary, it is colorful, attractive, as if the designer intended to reveal beauty, culture, knowledge in an appropriate environment and he succeeded. At the same time, it is a place that provides cultural and leisure facilities and this makes it appealing.

The M Shed is definitely a model of simplicity, modernism, elegance, but it is beyond the appearance, a pleasant ambient where people spend their free time. Probably the best aspect is constituted by the perspectives the museum offers in a period when people do not have time for themselves, for culture, for an exhibition or just admire a beautiful landscape. The M Shed gives people another perspective over museums, a great one.

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