Luxury Waterfront House With Amazing Lake Views

A waterfront house is the image of the perfect holiday home for a lot of people. It’s a wonderful combination of great outdoor spaces, stunning views and peaceful ambiance. Wondering how such a place would look like? Take a look at the residence Paul Fedusiak and Susan Parker remodeled.

It’s a stunning house with exquisite architecture and elegant interior design. It’s surrounded by marvelous views of the lake and is surrounded by nature. Imagine relaxing in the pool and admiring the magnificent views of the West Vancouver coastline, watching the sun set while enjoying dinner on the terrace and waking up in the morning and watching the sky and the water becoming one.

The interior of the house is sophisticated and luxurious. The rooms and spacious and decorated with elegant accent features. The large windows let in the light and the beauty of the outdoors invades the décor. In addition, the beautiful terraces, the garden, the pool, the hot tub and all the other stunning outdoor features contribute to an overall mesmerizing combination anyone would love to enjoy, even if just for a few days.

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