Luxury Villa in Tuscany,Italy

Tuscany is a beautiful region in Italy located in the central part of the country along the western coast.Tuscany have a grate reputation for the best region location in all of Italy.The beauty from Tuscany is made from nature a big part and also by human some things like grandious buildings.

Situated at 13 km from the historic center of San Gimignano the luxury property born from the recovery of a historic residence of great charm. The property is surrounded by nine acres of private gardens, which soften the presence, becoming a distinctive feature. The property offer a total area of approximately 640 sq m gross , for a total of 20 rooms.

The main unit is on two floors, coffered ceilings and other architectural delights, which feeds the merit of composition. This property is still available for sale for a price that can be big for some of us 3.5 mil.


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